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Roku Ultra (2020) Stand/Mount


First off if you are reading this, I hope you and all your family and friends are healthy and safe in this crazy time we are living in. I recently upgraded from a Roku 4 to the new 2020 Roku Ultra. I was wondering if anyone knew of any stands or wall mounts that were available for it? I searched on amazon and did a general search in google, all the ones that I have seen so far are not for the new 2020 model. It may just be too new of a device and I may just have to wait, but I figured I would make a post here. I would prefer a stand over a wall mount, but I am open to look at both options. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 

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Re: Roku Ultra (2020) Stand/Mount


I too want to know what to use and I'm surprised this appears to be such a mystery. I hope someone has figured this out!!


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Re: Roku Ultra (2020) Stand/Mount

Hi ian10022,

I reached out to TotalMount and this was there reply as to having a mount for the Roku Ultra 2020 model:

Hi Brian,

"Thank you for your message. Yes, we will be releasing a mount for the new Roku Ultra 2020. We will have the mount at our warehouse at the end of January and will send units to Amazon right away. We appreciate your interest."

Best regards,

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Re: Roku Ultra (2020) Stand/Mount

Thank you Very much. 

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