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Roku Ultra (2019) losing connection with remote periodically

Recently purchased a Roku Ultra (2019) and hooked it up to my LG 4K TV. There has been a problem appearing more than once now where the remote suddenly stops responding. This isn't even after a long period of non-use but can simply happen if I pause a show and leave it for half an hour; there will be a screen saver on the TV and I can't restart the show. The problem is solved by taking the batteries out of the remote and putting them back in, but I want to know why it is dropping the connection in the first place? I thought I had a lemon at first, but this is actually my second Roku Ultra that has this same problem (I returned the first one because of this problem but this second one has it too). 

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Re: Roku Ultra (2019) losing connection with remote periodically

I had the same problem with both of my Ultra 4640's and it boiled down to the micro sdcard.  Once I removed the card everything worked fine.  If you have an sdcard installed, I would start there, if not, hopefully someone else will have a solution.

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