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Roku Ultra 2017: Remote: drops volume constantly!

I've had Roku boxes the better part of 10 years. I adored Roku early on, to the point where I hardly use or have the need for cable TV anymore. To my mind, Roku's peak came with the 2013 model Roku 3 player. The addition of a headphone jack in the remote was, to me, a genius addition. At any time, you could simply plug in headphones and not disturb those around you. My 2013 model Roku 3 resided in my kitchen for over 4 years, where I was able to watch TV in the morning and not disturb my family, as I always woke up first.

In the fall of 2017, a brand new Ultra model, which based on the reviews was a decent device, finally replaced my aging Roku 3. After all that time, I felt an update was due, and the addition of 4K and the ability to control TV volume/power from the remote was a welcome feature.

In this case, newer isn't always better.

The new "enhanced remote" as they call it is anything BUT enhanced. Whenever the headphones are plugged in, the remote loses volume almost constantly. Un-pairing and re-pairing the remote only briefly corrects the problem. Minutes later, the volume is out again.

Roku's "support," isn't very helpful. Check the router, re-start this, re-start that. I've done all the IT steps, and nothing seems to help. As this also started happening with my 2017 Roku stick + in our bedroom, I suspect this is a software/hardware issue, not an issue with my home network.

Only a spare remote from my Roku 3, paired with the Ultra, has, for now, solved the problem.

Has anyone else had this issue?  I've literally tried every step Roku suggests.  

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