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Roku TV using an external Roku Ultra - remote issues

My son uses an old obsolete Insignia Roku TV.  It's a perfectly fine TV, but whatever powers the built-in Roku has simply run out of gas - channels take forever to materialize, opening takes forever etc.  It has a Roku remote that powers  it on and off, runs the b uilt-in Roku itself, selects the TV inputs etc. 

I have an old Roku Ultra (was replaced with newer version) so I figured I'd put it on HDMI 2 of the Roku TV and have at it.  What's tripping me up is that the TV Roku remote won't control the Roku Ultra on HDMI 2 (will let me get there, but that's it) and the Roku Ultra remote won't control the TV (i.e., volume, power on/off etc).  

The Roku TV remote lacks a pairing button,  and I can pair the Ultra remote with the TV but then it won't control the Ultra.  I seem to be stuck needing to use both re motes, which is a pain.  The Ultra is 3 or 4 times faster opening, connecting, etc compared to the Insignia Roku TV, so using the Ultra will let me extend the TVs useful life.  They don't make small Roku TVs anymore, and a 40 plus inch one is too big for his room.  And like I said, the TV is perfectly fine, except the Roku is too underpowered to run right.

In an ideal world, I'd have the one Roku remote control both devices (the TV and the Roku Ultra), or at least let the Ultra remote control the volume, but using the 2 remotes is needed as the Roku TV controls sound while using the Ultra, which doesn't control sound.

Open for ideas or things I may have over looked. 


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Re: Roku TV using an external Roku Ultra - remote issues

If the ultra remote is too old to have tv IR on board, it might be able to control the tv volume by hdmi-cec. The Ultra remote sees the volume commands and initiates hdmi-cec pulse over the hdmi cable to control the tv volume. No power key, so no tv power. You might need to refresh the cec devices in the settings of the roku tv. You can also upgrade the Ultra wifi remote to $20 voice remote that will power the tv and control the volume by IR. And you can set the tv so on power up it will go straight to hdmi input the ultra is set to. Only use the tv remote if you wish to go to other inputs on the tv, one press of the Home key on the roku tv remote will send it back to home screen of the roku tv, pressing the home key on the Ultra remote will send it to the home screen of the Ultra. You can ping pong back and forth. 

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