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Level 8

Roku TV and Roku Voice Remote


I have a roku tv along with the vanilla roku remote that came with it. We recently cut the cord so I thought I would update to the roku voice remote. Bought it, paired it, no problems. 

However, a couple hours after pairing, the voice feature stops working ("Sorry, voice request failed. Currently not able to receive audio from your remote control.") as well as the "point-anywhere". If I re-pair these remote features then work again but stop working a couple hours later. It's annoying.

What's going on? Is there anyway to fix this? Do I have a faulty remote?

P.S. roku tv software is updated. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku TV and Roku Voice Remote

I had the exact problem this morning. I also noticed that audio started getting choppy on anything I watched.

My fix was to restart my Roku Stick. So far so good.

Good luck. 

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