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Roku Streaming Stick+ Universal Remote

I have a Roku streaming stick+ that will be domiciled in my media room and distributed out to the other rooms in my house. I am using the URC system to control the distribution. Is there a way to control this Roku stick via the IP address? Meaning I could program my universal remote to turn on the Roku via the IP address, not using IR since the streaming stick is not compatible with IR.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ Universal Remote

No Roku supports control over IP, with a caveat. The Roku app (Android or iOS) allows controlling your Roku over your network as long as they are both on the same network subnet. You might call that IP control, but it requires their (free) app to do it. I've never heard of anyone using any other networked remote. 
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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ Universal Remote

I think the Harmony Hub uses ECP (IP) control, but I'm not positive. It definitely uses it for some things (like launching your "favorites"), but I don't know if it uses it for all functions.

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ Universal Remote

Isn't the ECP network interface open to any 3rd party (ex. Remoku web page)?

The whole-home video distribution/control is an interesting centralized use case for the Roku though.  Would you mind keeping us updated (many years ago I was also into this)...
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