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Roku® Streaming Stick®+ TV Controls Compatibility

Good day all, 

This is my first time posting on the forum. In fact I registered just to let people know of a discovery I've made.
Last month I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick +, took it home, set it up with my RCA HD TV and started viewing. The only issue I came across was with registering the Stick's TV power/volume control feature. For some strange reason, the stick's remote could not recognize my television. Despite being a well-known brand like RCA. I decided to leave it because it really wasn't a great inconvenience to use two remotes. That is until last night it occurred to me, that oftentimes television manufacturers make multiple brands of televisions in a single factory, and just use various branding licenses.
So a quick Google took me to this Consumer Reports link that does some breaking down of just who owns what in the HDTV market. See below.

Reading on, I saw a handy chart at the bottom that simplifies things a bit. Notice it states that the brand ProScan is owned as a budget arm of RCA. All it took was one attempt to get the remote to pair to a ProScan TV rather than an RCA TV and I was set. Works perfectly. 

So hopefully this little guide from CR can help you to find the sub-brand of TV associated with your TV's manufacturer. It helped me to whittle down the amount of remotes sitting on the coffee table.  

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Re: Roku® Streaming Stick®+ TV Controls Compatibility

Current models of RCA TV use the LG code set.
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Re: Roku® Streaming Stick®+ TV Controls Compatibility

Apparently some are using the Proscan number set. At least in my case. Could it be that the Proscan and RCA brands are both using LG? I'll experiment.
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Re: Roku® Streaming Stick®+ TV Controls Compatibility

I remember decades ago that Proscan was either a sub-brand of RCA, or that RCA built the devices. No idea who owns what anymore. I think almost all of them are owned, or at least manufactured, by just a few companies. 
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