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Roku Streaming Stick+ Remote Works with Toshiba TV, but Won't Turn it ON

I have a Roku Streaming Stick+ with the Enhanced Remote.  When I go through the process of setting up the remote, option 1 for the detected TV "works."  I get the message that my remote is now set up to control my TV.

The TV is a Toshiba 32C12OU1.

After the setup is complete, the Roku remote works to control volume up, volume down, mute, and power off.  But after the TV is off, the Roku remote will not turn it back on.

In the auto-detection process, the option that is selected is "1."  If I go through all the other suggested options, 2-9, none of those work to control the volume.  If I go through and say none of the options work, and I "keep trying" it asks what brand the TV is.  I enter Toshiba, and again Option 1 works for volume, mute and power off, but not on.  None of the other options offered work.

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