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Roku Streaming Stick+ HE (3811X) constant noice using 3.5 mm jack

Today I have bought Roku Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition (model 3811X) in BestBuy.

It has remote control model RC-AL8 included and I confirm it does work with Roku 3810 just like it works with 3811, both 3.5 mm jack and mute button are working. Also remote control RC-AL8 is little thicker and it uses 2xAA batteries instead of 2xAAA.

When headphones are connected to 3.5 mm jack, I can hear constant noise. But when I connect the same headphones to iPhone and use Roku app, there is no noise at all.

I have tried different batteries and different headphones, noice is the same and it is always there.

Can anyone confirm that you also hear low level noice with Roku remote control, but not using app?

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