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Roku Streaming Stick 3500EU- New remote needed

Hello Guys,
I have a 3500EU Roku Streaming stick (pairing button in battery compartment),
 but I need a new remote as it is broken , but I can't find them anywhere.

Any ideas?

Any help would be very much appreciated - as I have tested the stick with a friends remote , and it works fine.


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Re: Roku Streaming Stick 3500EU- New remote needed

If you have a friend with a Roku 2 (2720) or Roku 3, or a newer WiFi Direct Roku, you night want to see if you can test your device with those remotes.

My understanding was that the original HDMI Stick and Roku 2/3 remotes were not compatible, but you can find sellers on Amazon saying what they will sell you will work. [link]

By the way, you can buy a new Stick (model 3800) cheaper than a 3500 remote from a third party, at least in the U.S. Unless you find one on eBay.

By the way, if the current lineup of remotes has one that works, you'll only save $10-20 versus a new Stick. Just a thought.
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