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Level 7

Roku Remote Question

I just setup my mew Roku Streaming Stick +, and really like it.  However, I have an issue as follows.  

When I'm watching a channel in my YouTube TV app, I hit the back button to go out to the main YouTube TV channel guide.  At this point, how do I simply exit the main menu without selecting anything and go back to the channel/show that's playing?  The only option I've been able to come up with so far is to scroll back through the channel guide to the show I'm currently watching, and select it again, which is a bit annoying and time consuming.  Is there no way to simply 'escape' the channel guide?

Anybody know a a better way to deal with this?
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Level 10

Re: Roku Remote Question

Hit the back arrow (upper left on the remote), which will take you to the top of the guide. Then up arrow, which will take you above the guide and highlight the show you are watching. Then OK button. That's the quickest way I've found.
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