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Roku Premiere Remote keeps changing Input on Hisense TV

I have a Hisense 4k TV that I'm attempting to connect a Roku Premiere to.  I connected it to HDMI 3, and switched over to HDMI 3 on my tv, turning on my Roku.  I have no problems seeing the Roku screen.

However, when I push any button on the Roku remote, my tv then switches back to HDMI 1, no matter which button I'm pressing on the Roku remote.  The button presses register on the Roku properly.  Any idea how I might fix this?

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Re: Roku Premiere Remote keeps changing Input on Hisense TV

Well an easy way might be to try the Roku app on your smart phone. It works well.

Are you currently using HDMI 1 ?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Roku Premiere Remote keeps changing Input on Hisense TV

@Reymus This may related to HDMI CEC settings enabled on your TV and another connected device. Based on your description, it appears your Roku remote may somehow be triggering a command on the other HDMI input device connected to port 1, causing the TV to switch inputs. To test, you can try disabling HDMI CEC on your TV, and see if this behavior stops. 

If not, what device is connected to HDMI input 1 on your TV? Have you confirmed that the cables are in fact connected to the specified port? 

Please keep us posted! 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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