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Roku Express - compatible with remote with headphone jack?

My parents have Roku Express and are very satisfied, except they would like to use their relatively old JVC  headphones, the base of which has an 3.5 mm Audio In plug.

(their tv is also relatively old and doesn’t have an Audio Out plug.    Presently they can use their headphones plugged into the Audio Out of the direct tv box.) 

I think I simply need to replace their Roku remote with one with an audio out/headphone jack. 

is that correct?


and then use a splitter (2 female to 1 male) to have either audio source, direct tv or Roku remote as Audio In to the headphones.   

Is that correct?

If so, please advise which remote(s) are good.  

Thank you very much!!

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Re: Roku Express - compatible with remote with headphone jack?

A Headphone jack remote will NOT work with an Express Roku, sorry. Models like Roku Stick plus 3811, Ultra LT, or Ultra. 

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