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Roku Express Remote missing TV Controls?

So, I think I know the answer to my one question.  I am correct in saying:  The Remote that comes with the Roku Express CANNOT control the TV Power and volume.  I believe i am right at least for the simple reason that there is no obvious power or volume buttons (unless the designer wanted to disguise them).

Seems odd that a remote for a device that is supposed to replace a Cable box would not have a remote that can be programed to power on/off and adjust volume.  In todays day and age that is simple design and cost is almost non-existant.  It could be I am expecting too much from Roku.  I am new it as a brand.

Second question, The TV is an Insignia model (Best Buy's house brand) and again I have a Roku Express.  Does Roku or a third party sell a remote that will control both?

In case you are wondering, the tv remote is broken and we have been using the cable remote for years. Yes we are too lazy to get out of bed and walk 6 feet to turn off the power manually.Smiley Wink


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Re: Roku Express Remote missing TV Controls?

The Roku Express is the bottom tier remote in the Roku family and lacks some of the features of higher remotes. It uses a simple line-of-sight infrared (IR) remote.
Your best bet is probably to buy an inexpensive basic IR universal remote - just make sure it says it supports both Roku and your television brand. You can find them about anywhere, Walmart, Target, drug stores, dollar stores, etc.
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Re: Roku Express Remote missing TV Controls?

Only wifi roku remotes have tv controls, you can purchase the wifi voice remote from walmart or best buy, cheaper at walmart. All you can get the One-For-All urc7935 streamer remote at walmart for $25, they're about $10 on ebay for open box versions. P1010420 (800x600).jpg


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