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Roku 3 eats batteries

I have a Roku 3 that uses batteries so often that I complained to energizer and they were very gracious and sent me a coupon; however even with a new package of batteries,( this time I bought a 24 pack) good until 2026 or 8 years and they still only last a few days to 10 days. And the worst battery life just occurred after two days; brand new batteries! I had to replace them because it was nonresponsive . Like a few other people I do suspect using the earbuds somehow drains the battery. I love the iPhone remote app except I still don’t have the earbuds situation resolved because they don’t give me the sound through my phone app. I have never in my life used a remote for any kind of a device that sucked batteries the way Roku 3 does. I’m considering a different streaming device unless Roku can resolve the issue. And I tell everyone to be leery of Roku devices and do their research before they make the decision to buy one .

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Re: Roku 3 eats batteries

Are you unplugging the earbuds when you aren't listening through them? Because you should.

Are you leaving the earbuds plugged in to the remote when you aren't listening? Because you shouldn't.
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Re: Roku 3 eats batteries

What Basil said. Also, those dates on the batteries are shelf life, not how long they will play. Different devices will have different battery life. My remote batteries last for many months, but I don't use the ear buds very often. The first time I tried using them, I left them plugged in and the batteries were dead within days. That's because the audio amplifier in the remote is powered on whenever the ear buds are plugged in, regardless if they're actually being used. And if you use them regularly, you will go through batteries much faster. That's normal, because the remote has its own power amp for the ear buds. I would guess that with regular use, but unplugged when not in use, your batteries should last several weeks to a little over a month, depending on exactly how much you use them.
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