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Replacement remote in Canada; is there ANY way to contact support?

I purchased my Roku Premium+ in the US and have since moved to Canada.  The remote recently died and I am at a complete loss.  On the Roku website, I have to VPN to the US just to get the "Accessories" page.  In Canada, there apparently are no accessories.  (Huh?)  I can get to the replacement remote and add it to my cart but there are no shipping options for Canada.

More importantly, there does not seem to be ANY way (from either US or CA) to contact Roku support in any way.  The pinned post at the top of this category says to "contact support" with any problems.  But all that ever seems to do is redirect to these forums.  Everything I try - even saying I have a question about a new purchase - gives the same response:

"Your device and/or issue is eligible for online support. You can find answers to your questions with our comprehensive set of articles and technical troubleshooting steps.  You can also visit our online community to help you find answers.  Agent-assisted support is not available for your issue and/or model."

There is no number to call, no email address, no web form, no "live chat".  Nothing.  Just a redirect to the forums.

I'm already miffed that a relatively new remote in perfect condition just up-and-died.  (And yes, it's dead, not a pairing issue.)  But to have no way AT ALL to contact support?  When I'm ready and willing to give you money?

Please help me, Roku!

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Re: Replacement remote in Canada; is there ANY way to contact support?

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. We do not currently sell accessories in that region. Warranty services are available for Roku products in the region in which they were originally sold. You can reach our support team directly here for more assistance with your 'account' related issue:

If you need further help from there, please feel free to send me a private message with your Roku account email address and contact information.

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