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Remote with headphones but NOT voice search

Was looking at replacement remotes for the in-laws Streaming Stick.  Since Roku no longer sells the remote for their model, I was looking at which model they could get instead.  Figured while I was here I'd see what was available for upgrades to our Roku as well.

Am I correct in my observation that the headphones/remote listening are ONLY available in your most expensive models?  I would think that was a more important function that some useless voice-search utility; which even at this stage is going to be of limited reliability even with the highly unlikely chance I'd want to use voice-search anyway. 

Perhaps you should be making your models the OTHER way around; put the headphones on the mid-range models and then the voice-search on the high-end units.  Unless of course it's Roku's attempt to gouge customers who simply want basic functionality, and force them to pay extra.

And don't try to flaunt your "mobile app" solution; why should I have to dig out a phone I'm not otherwise carrying around, and running down the battery for something that used to work through the remote?  I would have thought voice search would be something you'd want to run through a mobile device, simply to get the extra processing power for the voice recognition.

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