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Remote stops working and is filled with white residue (Not from battery corosion)

Bought Roku stick+ Jan 24. Replaced batteries three times. Each time when opening remote it first appeared to be batteries corroding. Upon battery inspection, batteries are intact, not leaking (and new and fresh), but the white powdery residue seems to be interfering with the connection between battery and remote, as it is everywhere. What is wrong with the remote components that would make this happen? We are going through batteries very quickly, and I am not confident that the white residue won't eventually harm the remote beyond repair. I have my receipt and would like a new remote.

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Re: Remote stops working and is filled with white residue (Not from battery corosion)


Those batteries are no longer any good. From Panasonic:

This is electrolyte (potassium hydroxide) which reacted with O2 to form Potassium Carbonate. In this condition the battery is no longer usable. Potassium carbonate is a very strong alkaline and water soluble material. If there is skin contact there is a chance of chemical burns.

The stuff can harm the remote and it can harm you.

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