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Remote senstivity

The Roku ultra remote is so sensitive... dare I say ultra-sensitive.  The most frustrating thing is we could be on HDMI1 on DirecTV and just barely touch the Roku remote by accident, and then the TV switches to HDMI3 and goes to the Roku home screen.  Or you are already watching Roku and you breathe in the wrong direction and it wants to take you out to Sling or one of those other shortcut buttons.

I'd like to know if you get a TV with Roku built-in, is the remote just as annoying and sensitive?  I was looking at the TCL 55R635.

What Roku should do is put in the settings menu a remote sensitivity slider 0 to 10.  I'd say right now out of the box it's a 10. I'd like to take that down to something more like a 2!  I'd rather be required to mash or double click a button, or take a confirmation (do you want to go home... do you want to go to Netflix, do you want to go to CBS all access, do you want to go to sling, etc..)... or not change HDMI inputs unless it's double tapped, and in time succession like double-clicking on a mouse.