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Remote problems

Purchased date was 02/18/217 Roku of: Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player
Sold by:

Problem: From one to three times a week the remote will not work. Nothing, no buttons will work. To correct this I must remove both batteries, then unplug the power from the Roku device, wait at least up to 60 seconds, after power is applied to Roku, re install batteries into the Roku Remote, push the button with the battery cover removed, watch the green light flash, hope for the best. The battery reads 100%, not every time, but 25% or more.

Why does this happen and is there a fix?

Thank you.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Remote problems


Thanks for the post.

We would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps provided by our Support page here: How do I resolve problems with my Roku® enhanced "point-anywhere" remote?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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