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Remote only controls volume and on/off

I bought a Streaming Stick+ 5 weeks ago. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. I was watching the Roku channel and clicked to return to the home page and could not.  The remote now controls only the volume and on/off functions. When I turn it off and on it returns to the Roku channel and I can control nothing else. What next?


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Re: Remote only controls volume and on/off

Sorry but it sounds like stick+ needs to be factory reset. With it powered up, press the reset button on the stick+ itself. When it come out rebooting it will have to paired to remote again. So when roku is bouncing start pressing the pairing button in the battery compartment of the remote. When roku stops bouncing, release the remote and starting pressing it again right away until you get confirmation its paired. Set the language, wifi network, now you should have link code to enter into email address.

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