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Remote in Wi-Fi connection problems

I’m trying to connect my projector Roku stick to my Wi-Fi but I lost my remote and I moved and do not have the same Wi-FiOr my remote and it’s not letting me do it with a different remote

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Re: Remote in Wi-Fi connection problems

What remote are you trying to use?  Sticks only work with Wi-Fi direct remotes, not IR remotes (like from an Express).  If you can set up your new Wi-Fi to match your old (same SSID/network and password) your stick should connect automatically.

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Level 15

Re: Remote in Wi-Fi connection problems

Also, which Roku Stick do you have? The model number is important. Most use the standard WiFi Direct remote that you can find at Walmart, Best Buy, etc. But the earlier model Sticks (discontinued many years ago) won't always work with the current WiFi direct remotes.

Roku Ultra (4660)
Roku Streambar (9102)
Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810)
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