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Remote freezes for new Streaming Stick+ :(

Bought a new Roku Streaming Stick + to replace my Roku 2XS, and while the install went smoothly, I immediately noticed that the new remote had a problem. Not the power on or volume controls, those work fine; but the remote's device controls freeze, for anywhere from 5-45 seconds, about half the times I press them. I know it's just the remote freezing and not the actual Roku device, because while my chosen command is frozen, I'll then use my iPhone's Roku app remote function to takeover, and suddenly the Roku responds immediately. Then, so, will the real remote... until it freezes again.

I tried replacing the remote's batteries. Still freezes.

I tried using an HDMI extender cable. Still freezes.

Is the Streaming Stick + too close to my router? - it's about 5 feet away and encased in a wooden TV cabinet.

I love the Streaming Stick + but this remote freeze-up is untenable. So here I am, begging... HELP!

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Re: Remote freezes for new Streaming Stick+ :(

For whomever may have this same problem - I solved it, at least for my own system. My router's wireless service gives me two Wi-Fi channel options: a 2.4GHz one; and a 5GHz one. My Roku was set to use the 2.4 one, which worked fine for streaming purposes by kept freezing up my remote. Then I switched my Roku to 5GHz which immediately fixed things, my remote's been working perfectly since I made the switch a week ago. I'm all good now. Hope this helps you out, too Smiley Happy

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