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Remote does not respond and drains every battery put in within 3 hours



bought my Roku and unfortunately have not been able to watch and or use roku more than 5 times because the remote never responds. The batteries are changed within 3 hours of use as the remote drains the battery rather quickly. The remote seem to be faulty as the batteries die right away and does not respond.

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Re: Remote does not respond and drains every battery put in within 3 hours

Which Roku device? Include the model number.

Which Roku OS version?

Settings > System > About

Roku Ultra (4660)
Roku Streambar (9102)
Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810)
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Re: Remote does not respond and drains every battery put in within 3 hours

Short battery life is a common complaint.  I have had 5 Roku devices over the years yet I have never had this problem.  I have never heard anybody suggest why some have this problem and others do not.

As I have thought about this, the only thing I have come up with relates to those remotes that connect to the Roku via wifi-direct (i.e. the point anywhere remotes that must be paired to the Roku). If your router is configured to use a WiFi channel that is crowded with other nearby routers trying to use the same channel, your remote may be working too hard to communicate with the Roku and running the batteries down. 

If that's the case, setting your router to a less crowded WiFi channel may help with your battery life.  This should also improve the data rate between your Roku and your router.

You can install an app on your phone or tablet that will show you how crowded the various wifi channels are in your location and allow you to determine the least crowded channel for you to use.

  • Roku Streaming Stick +, 3810X, Ser YH0059427035, wifi - Samsung UN55ES6100
  • Roku Streaming Stick, 3600X, Ser 5S56D8240827, wifi - JVC EM37T
  • TCL Roku TV 43S425/C107X, Ser X000001R60KV, wifi
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