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Remote controls TV volume and turns Tv off, but NOT on

I've successfully used a Dish remote to control TV functions for a couple years. Now using a Roku streaming stick remote, it will control volume and turn off the TV, but it won't turn it on.
Any suggestions?
FWIW if I check the box for One Touch Play in Settings, the TV will still turn off but immediately turns back on! ...?
Thanks for any help, Paul

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Re: Remote controls TV volume and turns Tv off, but NOT on

I’m having the same issue. I bought this new yesterday. The remote turns the tv off but it won’t turn it on. Help!
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Re: Remote controls TV volume and turns Tv off, but NOT on

Your Dish remote was using IR control to power the TV. Roku has started offering IR control for other devices with their remotes, but I don't know if the Stick is one of them. Via CEC, I can power up my TVs with my Roku remote. But CEC is a hit or miss proposition with most electronic devices. While it's supposed to be a standard, not all devices will control devices from other manufacturers the same. Unfortunately, it either works or it doesn't. There's no settings you can change to alter CEC. Now if your Roku remote supports IR control of other devices, it likely needs programming, but I have no idea how that works because I don't have one.
Like I said, I can hit the home button on my Roku remote, and it turns on the TV, the AVR, and ensures that both are on the correct input for the Roku. That's with Yamaha AVRs and Samsung and Panasonic TVs. But I've seen other devices that don't work as well. Since my Roku remotes don't have power buttons, I've never been able to turn them off with that remote.
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