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Re: Remote control conflict w/ 2 Rokus?

"mikerupolo" wrote:
I would like to know why it seems thaty IR remote only is working within proximity to my cell phone???? I can show video of this it wont work when the phone is locked. Only the pixel 2 xl. I have tried other phones its only this one. Please help

Since this an older thread, and info in it may be out of date (see Forum Rules at the top), it would be better to open a new thread describing your issue in full. Provide the model numbers of the Roku devices, the software/firmware version and build, and any other equipment involved with the issue.

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Re: Remote control conflict w/ 2 Rokus?

Please create a new thread for each individual topic. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread as it pertains to previous user's issue. 
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Re: Remote control conflict w/ 2 Rokus?

WHY would you want to reinvent the wheel? I have same question, but find NO ANSWER as you CLOSED it.