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Remote completely useless (won’t connect)

I bought a brand new streaming stick yesterday and upon trying to set it up I was asked to pair the remote. I have reset the Roku, unplugged it and waited, removed batteries from the remote, and done everything to troubleshoot that I could find on here. It just shows “choose your language” for a few seconds when the Roku boots up and then I put the batteries in the remote and the green light starts flashing and a “pair your remote” instruction comes up on the screen instructing me to remove the battery cover and hold the pair button for 3 seconds until a green flashing light. I have done this about 20 times and nothing works. The green light comes on automatically as soon as I put batteries in the remote, it doesn’t wait for me to hit the pair button. This is extremely frustrating as it is a brand new product out of the box. As a fan of your old products (I had a Roku with an IR remote previously) I have to say that this is very disappointing and the enhanced remote has done nothing to enhance my experience it has only given me a few hours of headache. Please let me know what you can do. Thank you. 

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Re: Remote completely useless (won’t connect)

Do not have it buried behind the tv during pairing, you can a better results having the see the roku. 

Unplug the roku, plug it back in when its starts bouncing start pressing and holding the pairing button, when it stops bouncing, release for a bit and start pressing again until you get confirmation its paired. 3 seconds will not cut. 

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Re: Remote completely useless (won’t connect)

We are having the EXACT same issue. We tried the solution posted below and it did not work. Have you had any success? Best of luck!

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