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Remote Stopped Working and Now My Account is Unlinked

I have 3 separate TV's in my house, all with Roku Streaming Sticks.  The first 2 are working fine.  The 3rd one the remote has not been working.  It was working for a month, then stopped working.  I tried everything possible with replacing batteries and restarting everything as advised on the site and different message boards.  At some point in time I tried restarting the wireless and unlinking the specific account to the 3rd TV.  Now, in order to restart the wireless connection and relink the account I need a remote that works.  But this remote does not work, so there is nothing happening.  I have tried this specific remote on the other two tvs (after pairing it with that specific tv) and it has worked, so the problem is not with the remote itself.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Re: Remote Stopped Working and Now My Account is Unlinked

Have you tried one of the other remotes with the non-working stick?  Have you moved that stick to one of the other TVs?  It could be some kind of interference coming from the one TV.

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