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Remote Not working - Can't go beyond 'Let's Get Started' Screen - PLEASE HELP


Just bought a new Roku Express but it won't move beyond the 'Let's Get Started' screen on my TV. I am pressing the remote but I can't select 'English' on the screen. The white light on the Roku is on when i see the Roku screen (HDMI input) and when i press remote buttons, the white light starts flashing but nothing happens on the screen. 

The remote has no pairing button and no light to confirm it is working. I have changed batteries and also installed the Roku app on the phone (but the app needs the TV set-up to be complete before it works). No idea what is going on.

Really appreciate if someone could help.

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Re: Remote Not working - Can't go beyond 'Let's Get Started' Screen - PLEASE HELP

That remote is IR only, so there's no pairing necessary. First, make sure there's nothing blocking the front panel of the Roku, so the remote has a clear view. IR requires line of sight between the remote and the player. Next, check the batteries to make sure they're inserted in the correct orientation. Some Roku remotes have their batteries both pointed the same way, while others have them opposite. make sure yours match the diagram in the remote.

If all that is good, then test the remote by looking at it though a digital camera. A cell phone camera is the easiest to do this with. Just look at the end of the remote through the camera, and press buttons on the remote. If you see a flashing light every time you press a remote button, the remote is working.

If every one of those tests are good, then the Roku player is likely defective, and you should get it exchanged. 


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