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Level 7

Remote Mute Button

Can someone explain to me why an idiotic decision was made to put the mute button on the side of the remote? Every time I pick up the remote the tv goes silent. Can anyone help me deal with this?

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Level 7

Re: Remote Mute Button

This is the first thing I discovered. They placed the mute button directly under the (right handed) users' middle finger, which grips the right side of the remote. Depending on the buttons pushed with my index finger, I am constantly toggling the Mute button on and off. I can't believe they didn't know the placement would be in the way. I don't, however, see many people complaining about it here. Have you discovered a work around? I was wondering if I shaved the mute button down with a razor so it is flush with the remote body if that would work. Also, it occurs to me the finger you use may be the problem. I use my index finger. Do most people use their thumb, which seems to lessen the mute button issue?

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Re: Remote Mute Button

I'm right handed, I have the remote in my palm, with my fingers under neath it cradling it, use my thumb press each button, never accidentally pressing key I don't want to. The only way my middle finger touch the right side of the remote is if the remote were upside down. 

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Re: Remote Mute Button

@bmesc, wow!  I tried to use several of my remotes as you described and that felt completely unnatural to me.  I had to curl my index finger and use the top of my nail to push some of the lower buttons and one of the remotes flew out of my hand when I was trying to do this!

If I just push a button when it's on the sofa, I'll use an index finger, but when it's in my hand, it's always the thumb pushing buttons.

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Level 7

Re: Remote Mute Button......

I came to the Roku site hoping to find a "new and improved" remote that had the mute button in a reasonable location, but no such luck. It's hard to believe they thought that was a good location for it!

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