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Help with Roku remotes and accessories, including pairing a remote, setting up TV power & volume control, using voice commands, power adapters, cables, headphones, and wireless speaker accessories.
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Level 8

Remote Costs

Why is the only times I find a Roku remote for sale they cost just as much as buying a new device? I would like to be able to buy a replacement roku remote without paying as much as a new device. If they are to be so close to the same price, I just buy a new device (so then i have a back up device too, why not?) but a remote should not cost the same as the whole pkg, & it would be very appreciated to not have to do that all the time. (The app can't do all that the original remote can do & drains my phone's battery like nobody's business)

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Level 20

Re: Remotes

Back in the day it was $150 for replacement oem remote, you never had it so good. 

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