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Recommended Roku Accessories: Various Add-Ons To Greatly Enhance Your Roku Experience!

I have both purchased & sewn up myself a multitude of accessories for my own Roku Sticks & Ultra Box.  I wanted all my Roku devices to be as flexible and usable as possible.  I really like the Sticks’ super portability & ability to connect temporary some other Internet network other than it’s own home use.  The only thing that seem to prevent this was the way many televisions cramped, very-hard-to-plug-into a HDMI ports were located and positioned.  Or how the Ultra and the other streaming box models-i.e. the Ultra, Premiere, & Express-might avoid that particular problem with its slim flexible HDMI cable &  jack but could not be easily positioned as the sticks are hidden behind the television itself-especially the wall mounted ones.  
So here is a list of products I bought both online and offline  or made myself for both home use and traveling of all my present Roku devices-1 Ultra & 2 Streaming Sticks.  I used Amazon, Walmart, & Home depot online ordering for most products.  I sewed the drawstring bags myself with scraps of fabric (very easy to do even if you cannot sew & want to try your hand at it).  Or simply buy  a cosmetic case for $1.00 at the local 99 cents store.  No one retailer or solution is right for all uses.
Keep in mind that while there is considerable overlap with all these accessories, sometimes one or so might be the best or “it” solution for any one problem.  The various adaptors, extenders, and cable/cords are quite tiny and could be organized & stowed away in the cases I discussed below:
Roku’s Own Free Extender (With Proof Of Purchase via stick’s own serial number) HDMI Male To Female Extender
I have one of these.  I keep it in my Roku’s stick’s own travel case along with many other parts (see Khanka Travel Case below). Very flexible for certain times when a 360 degree bending ability is needed to hook the stick up.  Or simply fitting the stick/dongle into a very tight smaller area around an HMDI port.  
Browse Amazon’s own  HMDI adaptors for the best choice for you.
VCE Combo 3D&4K Supported HDMI 90 Degree and 270 Degree Right Angle Male to Female Adapter

VCE 2 Combos HDMI 90 and 270 Degree Male to Female Vertical Flat Adapter

HDMI Cable,HDMI Extension Cable,LANMU Male to Female Extender Cable,High Speed HDMI Cable,HDMI Extension for TV Stick,Roku Streaming Stick,Chromecast-12 Inch
When you need some more distance from the offending television or other interfering Wifi signal blocking/distorting devices, this one might be the answer.
Onn HDMI Male To Female Extension Adapter (Personal Favorite)
I have this always hooked up to my Philips HDMI switch for ease of updating the particular Streaming Stick intended for traveling that is always out on the road (I own 2).  I keep one plugged into the Philips HMDI Switch (see below).  Saves me extra hassle from always rotating the tv outwardly  in order to plug in or out my traveling Roku Stick for it’s manual updating when it is home temporary. Helps to prevent wear and tear on the TV’s own port as well as connecting the DVD player and the Ultra.
HDMI Extender - Male to Female, Extension Cable (15 Feet) High-Speed HDMI Cable (2.0b) 4k Resolution - Supports 3D, Full HD, 2160p, Audio Return Channel (Latest Version) - 15ft[/font][/color]
(Personal Favorite)  I bought this extra long extender for both getting the device (Streaming Stick Plus) farther away from an older Plasma Television that was interfering with it's WiFi signal reception, plus closer to the router at a friends' house. Works great for those purposes.  Various lengths offered.  [/font][/color]
Home Depot
HDMI Free Angle Adapter (Personal Favorite)
Flexible, yet rigid enough to support its weight without losing a good solid connection within the port.  This one worked quite well when the Roku supplied freebie extender was not rigid enough to support the stick behind my home located television.
Philips 3-Port HDMI Switch (Personal Favorite)[/url:23kncerv]...
Hard Shell Travel Cases 
(Personal Favorite)[/color][/font][/size]
I have already tested this out on the road.  See the videos to get a good idea of its own layout and features.  It is all they say there and more.  Seems to fit my own Roku stick & all of it’s needed accessories to a tee!
Caseling Universal Electronics/Accessories Hard Travel Organizer Carrying Case Bag, 9.8” x 5.6”x 2.8” -Intended For My  Roku Ultra[/url:23kncerv]
I have not had a real chance to test this yet as  I only intend to use it when I take my Roku Ultra out of the house just to visit trusted relatives and friends and stay in their homes, not hotel rooms. Along with the Totalmount stand for mimicking the sticks’ out of line of sight hook ups (see below), The all enclosure mesh pockets are a bit in the way-the edges of the stand sometimes gets tangled in the mesh-when I placed my Ultra inserted within it’s Totalmount stand together in the pocket. But fit it does and it seem not to thrash about within it’s protected shell or fall out when opened.  I am planning to add a soft bag to cover both the combined Ultra inserted into it's Totalmount as to prevent this small tangling problem in the future. 
TotalMount Roku Ultra Mounting System (Personal Favorite)
3 possible ways of hanging your Ultra up on the TV itself or screwed on the wall.  I am in the process of figuring out even more ways on how to hang my Ultra up as well.  Very flexible.
DIY  Simple Drawstring Bags
I sew my own.  Makes great soft pouches to transport & keep together the various cords and cables for out of home installation.  
Cosmetic Bags
I buy these very inexpensively for the sole purpose of keeping the small bits, cables & cords that don't need the hard cases protection together and organized.
Don’t forget the Plug In On/Off Switches!  I discuss them at great lengths here.
How To Easily Turn Any Roku On Or Off Without Pulling It Out Of It’s Port All The Time[/...
Together, I can enjoy my streaming programs with ease either at home or on the road.  This should the ultimate goal of any Roku user.  You cannot do this with a cable box!
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Re: Recommended Roku Accessories: Various Add-Ons To Greatly Enhance Your Roku Experience!

Some YouTube Reviews I could not include above:  
Cord Cutters News (Recommended To Watch)

Additional Products To Consider (from Amazon):
Huntkey Cubic Surge Protectors 
No USB ports
USB Ports In Front

Forgot to include this usually overlook product.  I have 2 in my room & could take it on the road whenever.
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