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RF remote devices

Of the current devices today, is there a list that shows which ones are IR only remotes and which ones are RF remotes?  or have they all moved to RF?  I only need HD, so was thinking the Roku express, but an RF remote is a must since I don't have line of site, and didn't know if that meant I would need to move to one of the streaming sticks like the streaming stick plus?

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Re: RF remote devices

The express does come with IR remote. As does the premiere. Roku that come with wifi remotes are express+, premiere+, stick, stick+, ultra lt, ultra, streambar, and the sound bar. In the case of the express+ it only newest model Walmart exclusive that comes with wifi remote. Older express+ did come with  an IR remote. Except for the sticks all current roku can be used with either remote type, just that it has be bought separately.

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