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Program RC3067 to power on/off A/V ReceiverAaudio

I have been able to program the volume control and mute buttons on the RC3067 programmable remote, but programing the power button to the AVR removes the TV power control. How can I program the remote to power control the AVR along with the TV?

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Re: Program RC3067 to power on/off audio

@Saltnvinegar  Thanks for the note. Roku remotes that offer TV power and volume controls are not designed to directly control A/V receiver power or volume. The overall programmable functionality is limited to one TV/device programming at a time. See more here:

If your TV and/or receiver that the device is connected to support HDMI CEC, and you have 1-touch play enabled on your device in Settings>System>Control other devices, you may be able to control A/V receiver power and volume via HDMI CEC when using your Roku remote, depending on the receiver/TV brand/model and supported functionality. (This may not work on every brand/model.)




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