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Premiere not responding correctly to remote

So I just replaced our Roku 2 with a new Premiere. I set it up less than a week ago and all of a sudden the controls started acting funny. Sometimes there is a delay and if I press the arrow key down, it would none stop keep scrolling. Its any direction actually. 

-I replaced the batteries. Did not change the issues

-I unplugged and waited 10 secs before replugging the Roku. No change

-I used my older remote and the issues are still present. Which makes me think that it is possibly the Premiere it's self. 

-I can control the premiere with our Roku app on our phones no problem. But I would rather have it be controlled by the remote.

Is there another solution I could try out? 

Is it possible that the Premiere I have defective?

Any help would be great.

Thank you,


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