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Play audio on bluetooth speaker with only mobile hotspot for wifi connection

I use the Roku Premiere I just purchased in my van conversion to stream content to a computer monitor.  I have no network / wifi available on the road, so I use my mobile hotspot on my iphone to access data.

I want to utilize private listening to be able to send the audio signal out to a bluetooth speaker for better sound quality/volume.  I've seen the videos/instructions on how to do this, but these instructions seem to assume that all devices are connected to a network.  In my case, I have only a mobile hotspot.

As a test to set things up, I parked the van in the vicinity of my wifi router at home, got the roku and iphone all connected to the same wifi network and was able to set up the remote app on the iphone to control the roku, and was even able to setup the private listening so that I could hear the audio on the iphone.  However, I could not get the audio out to bluetooth speakers paired with that iphone.  

Having multiple issues, and I see no way to get through to support on the phone or even chat with Roku.  Not sure what to do....

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