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Help with Roku remotes and accessories, including pairing a remote, setting up TV power & volume control, using voice commands, power adapters, cables, headphones, and wireless speaker accessories.
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Pairing with Roku Voice Remote removed access to cable channels.

My original ROKU remote did not have voice. I have a TCL ROKU TV. It worked perfectly well. When I switched to a ROKU VOICE REMOTE - immediately I lost access to Cable Channels. The TV now only gets broadcast channels. No screen settings allows me to deactive the ROKU Voice remote. There is no reset/pairing button on my original ROKU Remote.  What happened? How do I correct? Three hours on phone with Verizon FIOs tech -- who was unable to solve. I tried switching the black box -- to MODEL DCT700.  Nothing changed. The box accepts on/off power signal from the Fios remote, -- but is accepting no other signal. Fios remote INPUT button shows nothing on the screen. Please help. Thanks, David

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