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Not perfect but this may help you with your remote issues

I purchased a Roku streaming stick just before Christmas, 2019, and within weeks I was very frustrated with how the remote would work perfectly one moment and then freeze and not work for a few moments.  After reading a lot of comments here in the forum it seemed that the only real solution after going through all the hoops several times was to ultimately just get a replacement.

I have ended up setting aside my Roku remote and use the app on my phone as my remote, and it works seamlessly, instantaneously, and perfectly.

I imagine that at some point I may replace the remote that came with the stick, but for now, I am not missing it at all, and I am not missing the frustration of trying to use it.

Just wanted to share that temporary "fix" with everyone in case it can help you too.

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Re: Not perfect but this may help you with your remote issues

This worked for me for nearly 2 years...that is until this past November when Roku pushed an update, after which my device can't see my wifi network. If your Roku drops its wifi connection for any reason, the phone app becomes useless. In that case, you must have the roku remote to navigate the device screens and settings (whether u want to troubleshoot its wifi connectivity or just connect to a different network). Once the device drops its wifi connection, your phone is useless unfortunately. In my particular case, my roku was working fine (with the phone app as remote) until the Nov. update which caused wifi connectivity issues. I purchased a new (Roku brand) remote which was supposed to be compatible w/my device, but it won't pair (which means I wasted another $20 to fix this issue to no avail). So, just a word of caution that if/when you have connectivity issues, you'll need a Roku remote. Otherwise, your device will become a paperweight. Roku Express (3700 series)