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Community Manager

Re: No sound after unplugging headphones from remote


Thanks for the note. Could you describe a bit more about the issue you are running into? Which specific model of Roku Premiere+ device are you using from Settings>System>About? What is the exact behavior you experience? Does the same issue occur if you try using private listening through the free Roku mobile app on your phone? 

Please take a look through these resources to see if there are any helpful details: 

Remote Private Listening:

Solving problems with Private Listening:

Please keep me posted with more info once you have a chance to test and we'll continue looking into further options from there. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: No sound after unplugging headphones from remote

Hi everyone, I had the same issue was able to solve the problem by simply going into settings-audio-S/PDIF and ARC-change it to pcm- stereo.
Unplug the unit from power supply wait for few seconds and plug it back in.
The issue will be resolved.
Its a bug in tlc software when on auto mode with head phone plugged in, it doesn't automatically goes back to TV speakers unless adjusted manually.
I hope tlc fix this with future updates.
Thanks and I hope this helps someone.
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Re: No sound after unplugging headphones from remote

Same problem. I thought the tv audio or sound bar was broken, then realized it was only that the roku ultra could not unmute itself after headphones were unplugged. Still haven't found a fix for this but will keep looking.

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