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New ultra remote is extremely sensitive to a light touch

During the set-up procedure of entering my 9 digit PW for wifi, the remote was beyond sensitive to even a light touch.  Just touching the arrow buttons (not depressing the arrow button) caused the cursor to move rapidly to the far extreme.

In selecting a letter or number, the adjacent digit was selected by the remote when I touched the “ok” button.   I did find that by lightly depressing the left edge of the “ok” button, I could select the correct digit.  However, to enter the nine digits took almost 30 minutes of trial and error.  Unfortunately, entering search data by the remote, is equally difficult.

I did remove the remote’s batteries and power to the Roku box in the hopes of stabilizing the sensitivity of the remotes buttons, but to no avail.  In a word, they are “twitchy” and I am looking for a resolution to this ongoing problem.

Thanks Ray

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