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New Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro

My HDTV is a TCL Roku (Model 55R625). I also have the TCL Soundbar (Model TS7010) in use with the TV and all audio comes through this soundbar and its woofer.

Q 1: Will this Remote Pro work with my TCL Roku TV and Soundbar setup?

Q 2: When the earphones are plugged into this Remote Pro, is the audio coming out of the soundbar muted, leaving the audio to be heard only through the earphones?

Q 3: With the earphones connected to the remote, can the volume be controlled with the remote?


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Re: New Voice Remote Pro

Q 1, the answer is yes, it controls the tv by wifi, and the tv controls the soundbar by hdmi-cec. 

Q 2, With headphones in the sound is muted, you just hear it over the headphones.

Q 3, With headphone connected the volume commands controls the level of volume you hear through the headphones. 

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