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Neighbor's remote triggering my roku; possible app control issue

Help! My upstairs neighbor recently got a 43" Hisense Roku TV and we share WiFi (his device shows up in my Roku app, so I'm assuming my device shows up in his, although it SHOULD be locked to my account). I don't know how but today I came home to find my Sceptre TV turned on and my Roku Express tuned to a show I don't watch on an app I hadn't previously installed. Yesterday my TV was turning off and on and exiting the app I was trying to watch. Any suggestions for blocking this kind of interference? I'm using a Beam programmable remote to control both my devices, because the Express remote doesn't control TVs, but I understand some of the fancier Roku remotes control TVs. The Beam was not pointed at the TV infrared sensor, I have to hold the remote high in the air to hit the TV sensor, so although my remote could have potentially triggered the Roku it could not have turned on the TV... and neither could the app.

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Re: Neighbor's remote triggering my roku; possible app control issue

Try disabling "Control by mobile apps".  It's under "Settings->System-Advanced system settings".

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