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Need to change Enhanced Voice Remote configuration

Hello All,

I have an Roku Ultra with the Enhanced Voice Remote.  Today I was trying to  adjust the volume on my TV and nothing was happening. Tried the power button and the TV wouldn't respond. So I reprogrammed the remote via the roku menu. Everything is working again now but it's all working via HDMI CEC.  Before it was working via the IR in the  enhanced remote. I know this for a fact because prior the remotes reprogramming if the remote wasn't pointed at the TV the volume wouldn't adjust. Plus my TV has a crappy IR  detection so the remote always had to be held in the right spot. Now I can take the remote into the next room, behind a wall and it will control volume and power on/off.

The reason why I like the IR configuration better is because when the TV is turned off via a IR remote, my AV Receiver would also turn off.  With the enhance remote using CEC it doesn't.

How can I get the remote back to using the IR to controlling my TV?  Thank You.

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Re: Need to change Enhanced Voice Remote configuration

Hi Again, never mind. I figured it out. Searched all day to find the answer and for some reason I knew I would figure it out after I made a post asking for help. lol

The solution was my  I had to connect to the Roku directly to the TV and then program my remote.

 As my current configuration stands.   The Roku, Chromecast and PS4 connect  to a yamaha rx-v583 receiver via HDMI. Then a single HDMI cable to the ARC port on my Vizio.  When I  first got the roku ultra I had a 20 year old AV receiver connected to the TV via fiber optic.  Naturally all HDMI devices where connected directly into the TV at the time thus programming the remote the the way I like it.  So with today, I still had the roku connected to the yamaha when I did re-programming today which is why it wasn't detected my TV properly.

Well, I hope this can help some out in the future.
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