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Level 7

My RVA TVs device code seems to be too high for my Roku remote?

Hi guys!

I just got a Roku Stick+, and I have it in an RCA TV. The remote works just fine controlling the actual Roku, but in searching for my TV's device code to control the actual TV, it only seemed to go to around 50.

I looked for my TVs code and it seems to be in the thousands. Am I screwed here or is there a way to manually put in my TVs code to make my remote able to change the volume and whatnot?

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Level 16

Re: My RVA TVs device code seems to be too high for my Roku remote?

What other remote manufacturer's assigned codes have nothing to do what roku uses for tvs. When programming the tv in, tell it to try LG, and just when programming the tv, don't have roku buried in the back of the tv, have so the roku remote has line of sight to roku and the front of the tv. You will get better results.

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