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Lost Remote... Getting New One... Question...

Hi All...

Going to the store to get a new Roku remote. Just moved and cannot seem to find the remote anywhere. The questions I have are:

The Roku at the other place was all wired via ethernet. So it seems I would download the APP, and connect via WIFI to the TV to turn it on...  And then once going, can then switch back over to Wired connection as everything is already plugged in. Literally set up the TV last night, wired it all and was like " Wheres the remote?" lol. 

But will I run into any issues if the tv was always wired?


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Re: Lost Remote... Getting New One... Question...

I'm not clear on what you're asking.  If your Roku has an Ethernet port then you never need to use Wi-Fi.  The remote may use Wi-Fi Direct, but that's between the remote and the Roku.  If you were using a wired connection before then you should just be able to plug everything in and have it work.  If the Roku connects to your network automatically (because it was using a wired connection) then you should be able to just use the app and not even need a new remote.  If it doesn't connect automatically then you'll need a physical remote.

The device running the app and the Roku need to be on the same network.  It doesn't matter if they're both wired, both wireless, or one is wired and one is wireless.  The only caveat to that is if your network has some kind of security setting that blocks connections between wired and wireless devices (which is not normal).

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