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If I buy a new Standard remote, will I be charged for Disney+?

I need to buy a replacement remote since we've lost our standard IR remote that goes with Roku Premiere. The new type of standard remote has a Disney+ button, and it seems to be the only choice of standard IR remote currently in stock (under the page "Upgrade offers" when I'm logged in and looking for replacement remotes). I have to click "Add offer" for it to go to my cart, but then instead of costing $14.99 in my cart, it shows up as $0. I'm trying to see if there is any fine print or any details, but I can't find any. I'm worried that by buying this $0 remote that I'll be unwillingly signed up for Disney+. Is this just a sneaky way to get me to sign up for Disney+? And why is the older version of the Standard IR remote out of stock? When will that come back in stock?

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Re: If I buy a new Standard remote, will I be charged for Disney+?

What web site are you seeing this on? Can you paste the address here?

Do you know the Model number of your Premiere?


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