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IR and WiFi Remote to Appease Customers

Hey Roku,

After buying 2 replacement remotes for your stick I, and multiple others I know, stopped using Roku in favor of Chromecast. Nobody likes paying 67% the price of a device for a replacement part but here's an idea:

MAKE A UNIVERSAL IR+WiFi REMOTE that turns the TV on, selects inputs, controls VOLUME, and operates the Roku Steaming Stick. Charge $40 for it and watch your data team congratulate the employee who first forwards this up the chain. 

Stop being assholes and make something people want, not have to buy. 

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Level 19

Re: IR and WiFi Remote to Appease Customers

Roku has made remote with wifi and IR for TV's for over three years. You can purchase it separately for $19.99 at walmart, best buy, and on-line from amazon. This remote won't work with 3500 sticks, nothing will accept an original 3500 remote which isn't available any longer.

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