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How do I make ruko stop talking

My son sat on the remote now ruko talks when we move to different icons. It even talks when we are watching a show. How do I make it not talk?
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Re: How do I make ruko stop talking

Home> Settings> Accessibility> Audio Guide> Off

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How do I make ruko stop talking


Thanks for the inquiry.

As @Tivoburkee mentioned, you can turn off the Audio Guide by going to Settings> Accessibility> Audio Guide> Off. You also can toggle the Audio Guide on/off by pressing the * button four time.

For more information about Audio guide, visit our Support page here: How do I enable text-to-speech using Audio Guide?


Danny R.
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Heavily accented female voice states how many Indian channels I can find. First noticed I’m Netflix. Now announces every move I make in Roku. Clearly malware. Anyone else have this?

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Re: Malware

You accidentally turned on the Audio Guide. Here are instructions on turning it on or off:

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