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How do I disable voice commands?

Hello, I have the Roku Ultra and I don't want to have my kids to install channels without my knowing about it.  I have set a PIN for installing any new channels, however, my kids recently discovered by simply saying the channel name into the remotes search feature it will install the channel without prompting for a PIN!  For example, if they said "YouTube" it will be installed.

I would like to disable the voice feature since nobody in my household uses it for anything.


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Re: How do I disable voice commands?

Sorry there isn't a way to disable it, except stop using the original remote go with a roku IR remote or an aftermarket universal. I like the following One-for-all model pretty cheap on ebay for open box models:

Its one device that can control three types of devices, tv, streamer, and soundbar. Its learning remote so you teach the keys anything you what.