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Level 8

Hey Roku, let us disable the branded shortcut buttons.

Yeah, this topic probably has come up before. This is how I choose to log a vote.


If you MUST have the branded buttons, make it so they can at least be deactivated.


How about a compromise - allow those companies to pay to be pre-installed with a little sticker over each, then allow the users to say yay/nay to each.


If nothing else, sell a non-branded version of each remote. I'd pay more to be left alone. I'd also pay for an updated gaming remote...or you could just let us use BT controllers.


Roku used to be cool. Now? Meh.

Level 11

Re: Hey Roku, let us disable the branded shortcut buttons.

I agree!! They only clutter up the remote, and especially for those of us with large hands it makes touching it anywhere, far too easy to end up Muted, Powered Off, or connected to one of the premium channels sitting on the remote! Never had these kinds of issues with any other remote in my life!  Who thought of these things? It would make at least a little more sense if we could choose which channel, the branded shortcut buttons would go. As is I only ever use one of the four, & I can just as easily go the Home setting, and hit it from there....

Level 8

Re: Hey Roku, let us disable the branded shortcut buttons.

I absolutely never use mine, except by accident. Total waste.